Baby’s Colors by Karen Katz – Book Review

Baby's Colors by Karen KatzArya likes small books with thick pages.

Baby’s Colors by Karen Katz has solid pages that are large enough for my daughter to turn by herself.

The front cover shows a baby with an enormous forehead chasing a colorful ball.

Although Baby’s Colors is several inches thick, it only has 12 interior pages. Every page has a yellow border that makes it easy for even little babies to turn at their own pace. My baby loved being able to control the speed of turning the pages and she spent extra time on pages she particularly enjoyed.

The book is focused on different colors. Of the six colors in the book, Arya loved red the best. The left side of the page shows a baby against a specific colored background. The right side shows objects with the same color.

Text consists of the name of the color on the left side and the names of the objects on the right side. With less than half a dozen words on each page, Baby’s Colors isn’t necessarily meant to be read as a book. Rather, it is better used as a toy that babies can explore at their own pace.

The first four pairs of pages show one color per page: red, yellow, blue, and green. The fifth has two colors: orange and pink. The final shows a rainbow of the six colors with one object of each color. I would have preferred more consistency with one specific color on each page. While my baby is too young to care about internal structure, I would have rather seen one page dedicated to pink and one page dedicated to orange.

Baby’s Colors is ideal for the youngest babies. Unlike other books there are no weak points subject to ripping or tearing. Arya was able to play with the book by herself over several days without damaging any part of it. Older children who are familiar with colors will appreciate being able to name the different colorful objects. But the best use for Baby’s Colors is as a first book for parents of young babies.

Baby’s Colors costs (including shipping) under $6 new and under $4 used from Amazon.