Baby’s Dry Forehead

Baby's Dry ForeheadOur baby has a dry forehead which is causing her skin to flake and peel.

The problem started when our daughter, Arya, was three weeks old and has gotten worse in the past week.

Arya’s forehead is drier than the rest of her face and the skin on her forehead is coming off in white, patchy layers.

Since she was a newborn, Arya has had a host of pimples, rashes, blotches, and other skin problems throughout different parts of her body. Our pediatrician has been great at explaining our baby’s varying skin conditions.

Her advice has been identical to the information provided by reputable online sources and we have accepted the fact that it is normal for a baby to have less than perfect skin. The problem with our baby’s dry forehead is a little different than some of the minor skin conditions that have affected Arya’s body.

We stare at our one-month-old baby all the time (it would be creepy if she weren’t a baby) and we constantly see the flaking skin on her forehead. It’s very hard not to think about our poor newborn and her dry skin when we are staring at it for hours a day.

Arya has a routine one-month pediatrician’s visit tomorrow so hopefully we’ll get more information about curing her dry forehead after the check-up.

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