Baby’s First Car Ride

Baby's First Car RideAfter we finally finishing packing for baby’s first road trip, we got to experience baby’s first car ride.

Since we don’t own a car, this weekend’s trip was Arya’s first time riding in an automobile. After some difficulty loading the van and installing the car seat, we were able to leave only one hour behind our original schedule.

Arya was lucky to have lots of room in the van for her books and toys. Thanks to Grandpa driving, she also got both Mommy and Daddy to play with her during the trip.

If our daughter was a little bit older during her first car ride, we may have considered some recommendations for numerous books about car rides. Thankfully she was a little older than some babies during their first car rides so the experience was a little more comfortable for her parents.

Baby's First Car Ride - ToyArya was grumpy during the first part of the car ride. While she didn’t cry, she was visibly disturbed despite looking at Mommy and Daddy and playing with her toy. We thought she was acting similarly to when she took her first ride on the subway.

After we started to play with her, baby quickly calmed down and seemed to enjoy much of the ride. She normally has a short attention span, but Arya became bored even faster in the car seat. Eventually she settled on a rotation of looking out the window, staring at Mommy or Daddy, and playing with a toy.

Within an hour of her first car ride, baby fell asleep and stayed asleep for almost two hours until we stopped at the Vermont Bed and Breakfast where we were staying for the weekend.

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