Baby’s First Picture With Santa

Baby's First Picture With SantaDuring our Thanksgiving road trip with baby, Arya had her first baby picture with Santa.

Driving long distances with a baby is tough, so we purposefully planned to make lots of short stops along the route. One of our stops was in the small village of Cooperstown, New York.

Cooperstown, which is best known as the site of the National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum, lies a few minutes south of US Route 20 near Otsego Lake and makes for a good place to stop on a drive across the state.

We had initially planned a short stop in Cooperstown to buy food and take a few pictures in front of the Baseball Hall of Fame and shops along main street. The cute Christmas-themed gingerbread hut in the middle of the town square was an unexpected surprise.

Baby's First Picture With Santa - OutsideThe hut was next to the visitor information booth and had a small sign indicating that Santa would be available later in the afternoon. Since we could see Santa through the window, we spoke with the lady at the information booth and learned that the sign had the wrong time for Santa.

The woman, who was sweet and enthusiastic, offered to accompany us into Santa’s hut in order to take pictures of all of us.

Arya liked the colorful decorations throughout Santa’s hut, but she did not enjoy sitting on Santa’s lap. I wanted to take pictures of Arya and Santa, but she was scared sitting alone on Santa’s lap and only calmed down when both Mommy and Daddy were close by. Thanks to the nice woman, we did manage to get baby’s first picture with Santa. With both of us crouched next to her, Arya didn’t mind sitting on Santa’s lap.

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