Baby’s First Signs by Kim Votry and Curt Waller – Book Review

Baby's First Signs by Kim Votry and Curt WallerSince my wife and I have been introducing basic sign language to our baby, the book Baby’s First Signs by Kim Votry and Curt Waller was a natural introduction for our daughter.

Books about baby sign language that are targeted at parents simply display the sign next to the written translation. Baby’s First Signs shows a little boy demonstrating the signs within the context of a larger image.

Given the benefits of introducing sign language to a baby, I’m happy Arya liked looking through the entire book.

Throughout its 16 pages, Baby’s First Signs introduces little ones to the concept of attaching signs to words. While on its own the book will do nothing to teach baby sign language to young children, when used in conjunction with a larger program by dedicated parents, Baby’s First Signs will encourage babies to try signing to communicate.

One new sign is presented on each page. Some of the signs are obvious choices. Milk, eat, bath, diaper, mommy, and daddy are taught in every book about baby sign language. Some of the other choices are less common. Moon, bird, and light have more limited application for daily use.

Each sign is shown as part of a large, colorful picture that takes up the entire page. A single word describing the meaning of the sign is offset from the picture. One corner of each page shows a black drawing of just the sign to reinforce the specific motion.

Baby’s First Signs isn’t a book that most parents would consider as fun reading. However, as part of a plan to teach baby sign language, the book is great for making signing look fun for both babies and reticent adults.

Kim Votry and Curt Waller are the authors of four books on baby signs. Each book introduces a new group of baby signs with the same reliance on colorful, playful drawings.

Baby’s First Signs costs (including shipping) $7.95 new and $3.90 used from Amazon.