Baby’s First Toothbrush

Baby's First Toothbrush
Baby’s First Toothbrush

Since my wife is in dental school our family was excited to try out our baby’s first toothbrush this afternoon. While our five week old daughter is too young to have teeth, it is never too early to begin brushing your baby’s teeth.

Because it is unnecessary (and possibly dangerous) to use toothpaste before a baby has teeth, we used water and a soft cloth with our daughter’s new toothbrush. At first she wasn’t thrilled about having her gums brushed. We figured she was just mad that the toothbrush didn’t produce any milk.

After a minute we realized that she was still full from her recent meal and was upset since she thought we were forcing her to eat. A half hour later following a clothing change we tried to brush her teeth again using a more comfortable position.

At first we had tried to rest her on a boppy pillow to brush her teeth, but she moved her head from side-to-side making it difficult to gently brush her gums. The second time around we used a more comfortable seated football hold. Our baby felt more secure than when she was on the pillow and was happy to have her teeth brushed in this position.

Baby’s first toothbrush was part of a baby shower gift. The toothbrush, Baby Banana Bendable Training Toothbrush For Infant is shaped like a banana:

The finger holes on either side of the toothbrush allow for easy grip with either hand. The bristles are so soft and flexible that they would not be very effective if our baby actually had teeth. But for brushing delicate infant gums, the gentle bristles work very well. Our baby actually enjoyed brushing her teeth once we waited for her to digest her milk.