Baby’s New Favorite Toy

Baby's New Favorite ToyArya has settled on a new favorite toy. She likes her bendy ball and her white noise giraffe, but she is mesmerized by something we got for free.

Baby’s new favorite toy is a ruffled, paper ball used as part of my wife’s baby shower celebration. The colorful, pink-and-white ball is attached to a string.

We normally dangle the ball from a light near the baby corner of the couch. Arya stares at it when it moves. Once it comes to a stop she likes to reach out and smack it to start it moving again.

Mommy and I think it’s hilarious that baby has a dozen different fun, educational toys yet she chooses to play with the free, used decoration.

The colorful paper ball is a great distraction. Arya will play with it by herself for up to 20 minutes at a time. Although she eventually gets bored, my daughter has entertained herself with the ball at least twice a day over the past three weeks.

20 minutes is long enough for me to make lunch or get everything ready to leave the house. Since baby’s sleeping schedule is still unpredictable, I use the ball as entertainment whenever I need uninterrupted time.

The cheap ball combines many aspects of expensive baby toys. The bright pink attracts her attention. The alternating white ruffles create contrast. The paper texture is unique. The ball moves, but requires her to hit it. The movement is also unpredictable since the string gets tangled and untangled around the lamp as it spins.

An old, ruffled, paper ball may be more unusual than most babies favorite toys, but I am happy that Arya has found something she enjoys. I am even happier she plays by herself for at least a few minutes of precious time.

Our friend made a dozen paper balls as decorations for Arya’s baby shower. Although it did take her some time to put everything together, she spent less than $10 on the materials. Some sample methods for making decorative ruffled balls are available online.

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