Bathing Baby in the Sink

Bathing Baby in the SinkI have started bathing baby in the sink.

Arya has a cute whale tub and a basic blue baby bath tub.

But since most of the baths I give her are as a result of my baby’s overflowing poop, I need the fastest, easiest way to get her clean. Setting up the whale tub for a bath takes too long since I use it to relax her while I’m in the kitchen and her blue tub requires me to get in the bath with her.

Bathing baby in the sink requires no special preparation or equipment.

We have a standard, cheap bathroom sink. Arya fits well enough inside the sink that she can rest her head on the indented ledge. I normally use a towel to cushion her head from resting against the hard surface, but when we’re in a big rush after a poop accident she lies against the counter-top without complaint.

By removing the drain plug I can get the water to drain fast enough to sweep away any poop or other debris. The excess water flows directly down the drain preventing the messy buildup of dirty water common in baby bathtubs.

The sink is also at the perfect height to bathe baby without having to squat, bend over, or sit awkwardly in the bath. With the counter space I can also leave baby soap, baby shampoo, and a baby towel nearby for immediate access.

Other parents bathe baby in the sink because of a poop accident in the tub or while on vacation. I have been bathing baby in the sink at least twice a week.

While having baby baths in the sink is easier for a brief wash, a full bath in a baby bathtub provides a much better cleaning. We give Arya a full bath on the weekends and rely on baby in the sink for normal day-to-day cleaning.

Friends have recommended a highly-regarded foldable tub or a cheaper bath seat that also fits in the sink. One mom swears by a combination of a faucet extender and a cute pink sink seat.

All of those products sound useful, but they also require an extra step before putting baby in the sink. Our apartment is also cramped enough as it is so we don’t have much room for extra stuff.

Arya enjoys taking her bath in the sink. As long as my daughter likes it I’ll keep washing her directly in the bathroom sink.

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