Bizzy Bear Let’s Go and Play by Benji Davies – Book Review

Bizzy Bear Let's Go and Play by Benji DaviesSince Arya likes to touch everything she sees, I’m always on the lookout for books with hands-on features.

Bizzy Bear Let’s Go and Play by Benji Davies has a movable object integrated within the illustration on every page.

Arya had fun playing with the different objects even though she needed help manipulating the small tabs.

Bizzy Bear Let’s Go and Play has five different objects spread across the cover and eight interior pages. Each is built-in to the image itself. On the cover Bizzy Bear sits on a swing which moves when kids touch the purple tab with yellow arrows.

The movable objects are all fun to play with, but the indented tabs are hard to reach for tiny fingers. Although my baby got frustrated trying to place her finger in the same location, she was happy to play with the pictures when I helped her touch the correct tab.

The see-saw with Bizzy Bear and the rabbit was especially easy for Arya to move and she kept slapping at the page out of excitement. Some of the images–like the house or the bicycle–were much harder to maneuver because they were bigger and heavier. Even with assistance my baby was less interested in playing with those objects.

Text is limited to simple vocabulary with one sentence per page. Young readers will be able to get through the entire book while older children may be bored with the short length and limited story. Colorful pictures and expressive animal faces keep the attention of little babies and provide adult readers with a pleasant distraction from the repetitive text.

Bizzy Bear Let’s Go and Play costs (including shipping) under $7 new and under $5 used.