BooBoo by Olivier Dunrea – Book Review

BooBoo by Olivier DunreaThe front cover of BooBoo by Olivier Dunrea shows a little blue goose staring at colored bubbles against a white background.

The gosling, whose name is BooBoo, is cute enough to attract the attention of young children.

Arya tried to touch BooBoo when she first saw the book. Any time my baby tries to touch a book it’s a sure sign that she will be interested enough to pay attention throughout the story.

BooBoo tells the story of a little blue gosling who likes to eat everything. BooBoo thinks everything is “good food” and she is looking to eat throughout the entire day. My daughter likes to eat throughout the entire day as well so it makes sense that she enjoyed reading BooBoo.

Since BooBoo is a consistent presence, even young babies can eagerly look for the cute young goose on each new page. A plain white background creates a clean contrast with both BooBoo and her surroundings.

The story isn’t particularly interesting to older readers, but younger children will laugh at the idea of a silly goose eating everything in sight. Kids will be able to relate to the BooBoo trying to eat everything and thinking that anything in her mouth is good food.

BooBoo is part of a series of books called Gossie & Friends which are all written by the same author. Gossie & Friends has sold more than 500,000 copies in 25 countries around the world.

Olivier Dunrea has a in-progress website with information about his books and artwork. Dunrea also provides personal pictures of his life and house in the Catskills Mountains of New York.

BooBoo costs (including shipping) $6.95 new or under $3.89 used. An downloadable Kindle version is available for $4.99.