Boss For a Day by Tomie DePaola – Book Review

Boss For a Day by Tomie DePaolaWith two cute bears on its colorful cover, Boss For a Day by Tomie DePaola looked like a great book to read to my five-month old baby.

Although the book was organized in the baby book section of the library, Boss For a Day is actually targeted at children who are old enough to read the book themselves. As part of the ALL ABOARD READING system from publisher Grosset & Dunlap, the book is categorized as a Level 1 book for preschool through first-grade children.

At 32 pages, Boss For a Day is far longer than the normal books we read to Arya and I was going to quit reading it to switch to a more age-appropriate book as soon as I realized it was intended for preschool children. But the book also contains colorful, crayon-style illustrations that kept my daughter’s attention and she was reasonably entertained throughout the entire story.

The plot of Boss For a Day will be especially appealing to children with siblings. Moffie, the older sibling of a pair of fraternal twins, lets Morgie be the boss for a day. The humor, which will be apparent to even the youngest readers, is that Moffie is still the boss while telling Morgie to be the boss.

The concept of bossiness and telling other children what to do will be instantly recognizable to even preschool age children used to seeing interaction on the playground. Although depicted as consistently bossy, Moffie is still a likeable character and readers come away with good feelings about both twins.

Playful illustrations occupy half of each page and all were interesting enough to maintain my baby’s attention. With changing color schemes and a dominant focus on the human-like faces of Moffie and Morgie, Boss For a Day will still be appealing for babies who are too young to understand the words.

Boss For a Day costs (including shipping) under $14 for a hardcover and under $4 for a paperback from Amazon.