Boston Photowalk With Baby

Boston Photowalk With Baby - PaparazziOver Memorial Day weekend Arya tagged along on a photowalk through the streets of Boston. The photowalk was an informal gathering led by a fantastic photographer.

My wife and I wanted to go on the Boston photowalk with our baby to expose Arya to different parts of the city and try to learn from real photographers.

The Boston photowalk was organized by an out-of-town photographer named Dave Powell. Dave was friendly and didn’t seem to mind that our family joined the group of serious photographers.

Boston Photowalk With Baby - Dave PowellWe brought along our pocket camera and our main camera. Every person in the group of 25 had a much better camera. Many had multiple cameras which were all better than our cameras.

The most expensive cameras cost more than 15 times as much as our entry-level digital SLR. But the difference in picture quality wasn’t limited to cameras. Both my wife and I enjoyed watching real photographers in action.

From setting up shots to convincing random strangers to pose, the photographers were just a little bit better than ordinary amateurs who take pictures. They seemed to have an eye for seeing the picture before even raising a camera.

Boston Photowalk With Baby - Wedding PartyThe great photographers in the group also had a way of spotting photo opportunities before they happened. The group happened upon a new bride and her bridesmaids along the Harborwalk. In one smooth motion, Dave asked the bride for permission to take her picture and snapped a great shot within two seconds of her response.

Although the other photographers quickly followed suit, the best picture was the first one taken within seconds of finding the opportunity. The “official” photographer played along for only a short while before shooing the rest of the cameras away from her client.

More photos from the Boston photowalk here, here, and here.

Arya slept happily in the infant carrier for the first hour. She was oblivious to all the activity for the first half of the photowalk. As long as she has milk in her tummy and a clean diaper, baby is content no matter where she is carried.

Boston Photowalk With Baby - AryaAfter our 10-week old woke up she attracted some attention from the photographers. Since our daughter likes people she nonchalantly stared at all the strangers taking her picture. She was too groggy to smile during the afternoon, but she did seem to enjoy the attention.

My wife and I won’t be able to afford a top-of-the-line camera for a while. However, we can upgrade our own photographic abilities for free. In our case we get the immediate benefit of taking better pictures of our baby. Great shots of Arya is enough reason for me to learn more about baby photography. Both Mommy and I are thankful that we tagged along on the Boston photowalk and we look forward to interacting with more serious photographers in the future.

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  1. Greg

    Nice post. And nice meeting you and your family on Sunday. Don’t obsess about the expensive cameras and such. Most of us have a bona fide clinical problem called gear acquisition syndrome (GAS). After all, a good photographer can take a great photo with any camera.

    1. Nolan Kido

      Hi Greg, it was nice to meet you too. I’m going to take your advice and work on improving the photographer before I upgrade the camera. We really did enjoy watching everyone take pictures. Please let me know if you hear about another photowalk that is baby and newbie friendly.

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