Can Visitors See a Newborn Baby in the Hospital

Can Visitors See a Newborn Baby in the HospitalWith my daughter’s due date arriving soon, my wife and I are still unsure if visitors could see our newborn baby in the hospital. We both have limited experience with visiting newborns and neither of us is familiar with the policies of Tufts Medical Center where we plan to have our baby.

We live across the street from the hospital and my wife’s dental school is connected to the hospital complex itself. We are not worried about the possibility of delivering elsewhere. So we can find information about the hospital visitor policy in advance.

The Tufts Medical Center general visitor page has no specific information about the Labor, Delivery, and Recovery or Mother-Infant Unit. The page does detail visiting hours from 8am to 8pm as well as required health screening for visitors age 16 and younger. Visitors age 12 and younger must be accompanied by an adult. So from the basic information on our hospital webpage, we can assume the answer to the question — can visitors see a newborn baby in the hospital — is yes.

There is no information about visiting newborns and their mothers nor any detail regarding specific restrictions on access to the two motherhood wards. We are a little concerned about our newborn baby being exposed to pathogens and will likely confirm with hospital staff whether it is safe to accept visitors [update: see When Can a Newborn Go Outside].

My wife and I are expecting that a few of our friends will want to visit, but since all of them are adults the only restriction will be visiting hours.

Update (3-20-2012)

Since we’ve had a successful delivery of our newborn baby, we have had a number of visitors come the the Mother-Infant Unit (MIU) where mommy and baby Arya are recovering from her traumatic birth. In spite of the information posted on the hospital website, the visiting policy of the MIU is surprisingly lax.

Official visiting hours are in line with hospital policy and the ward itself has a good security system to prevent people from stealing babies [update: see Don’t Steal a Baby]. Otherwise visitors simply check-in at the front desk within the secured doors of the MIU and are allowed to walk unaccompanied to the correct room.

We were fortunate enough to have lots of visitors during my wife’s two day stay following her delivery and all three of us (me, my wife, and our new baby daughter Arya) are delighted to go home today to start our new life together.

Can Visitors See a Newborn Baby in the Hospital - Lots of Visitors

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