How to Choose a Baby Bottle

Choosing a baby bottle can seem like an impossible decision. With all of the options available, you cannot help but wonder how to choose a baby bottle. As parents, you want your children to have the best. You want them to be safe, happy, and healthy. Not all bottles are created equal. Bottles and nipples come in all varieties, sizes, and shapes.


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How to Make Your Own Baby Food

Maybe the question to ask here first is not how to make your own baby food, but why would you want to? The best course of action to ensure proper nutrition for your baby is to rely on nature and breastfeed. The old saying “breast is best” is the simplest, guaranteed way to assure you and your baby that your child is getting the most well balanced, optimally nutritious meal designed specifically for new human development and growth you could give them for maximum health and wellness. But what if mom is not physically able to accommodate her child with breast feeding because of her own health issues?


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How to Choose Safe Utensils For Your Baby

As much as we hate or love the idea, your baby is going to progress from breast or bottle feeding rather rapidly and will begin to require feeding with utensils. Before you know it, your little one is going to try to feed his or herself. Before the time comes, you should consider how to choose safe utensils for your baby. This should be a relatively easy decision for you to make. What you definitely do not want to do however, is feed them with the silver or stainless steel spoon someone is bound to give you as a shower gift. There is too much potential for injury to the baby’s delicate oral mucosa.


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10-month Old Baby Diet

10-month Old Baby DietNow that Arya can eat lots of different foods we have more option when planning her 10-month old baby diet.

As babies get older they require a diet more varied than just breast milk or formula.

But since our baby still only has a few teeth, we have to make sure that she is able to handle new foods without being in danger of choking.

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Baby Likes Eating Food Off the Floor

Baby Lies Eating Food Off the FloorArya has developed on odd habit.

She doesn’t like to use her baby bowls or baby plates whenever she eats.

Instead, baby likes eating food off the floor.

It would be less strange if Arya was simply willing to eat food off the floor. But she actually prefers to have her food directly on the floor as opposed to sitting nicely in a plate or bowl.

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Taking Baby to Granary Tavern

Taking Baby to Granary TavernOver the weekend we combined our normal family brunch with spending time with some friends.

The five of us decided to go to Granary Tavern, a casual sit-down restaurant on the north side of Boston’s Financial District.

Taking baby to Granary Tavern was a great idea and especially fun for Arya.

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Baby Eating Pears

Baby Eating PearsNow that Arya is able to eat almost everything that adults can eat, we have started to let her experiment with different types of food.

Since she really likes fruit we tried giving her small pieces of pears this week.

Watching baby eating pears was quite amusing as she decided to eat them differently than most people.

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Taking Baby to Wagamama

Taking Baby to WagamamaDuring the week we decided to take Arya on a walk to Prudential Center.

Since it was cold outside we wanted to stop for lunch somewhere in the climate-controlled mall. We ended up at Wagamama, a chain restaurant serving Japanese food.

Taking baby to Wagamama meant we all got to enjoy warm noodles are a cold day.

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