How to Brush Your Baby’s Teeth

If you are a new parent, then you know that there is so much to learn. It is Important to pay careful attention to your little one’s dental health. With all the other things there are to worry about, this is something that parents do not pay as much attention to. You may wonder how to brush your baby’s teeth, especially when they refuse to cooperate. The most important this is to establish a pattern of dental hygiene early on, because that will lay the foundation for the later years. So the earlier you start, the fewer headaches you will find.


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How to Calm a Crying Baby

Babies cry for many reasons and getting a baby to calm down can be quite difficult. There are many techniques involved in calming a crying baby. We will talk about a few of these techniques in a moment but first it is important to understand that babies can sense your tension. If you are tired, angry, frustrated or mad you are never going to be able to calm the crying child. If you need to take a break before attempting to calm your child you may. Place your baby in a safe place in their crib or a playpen and take five minutes to collect yourself and calm yourself down.


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10-month Old Baby Diet

10-month Old Baby DietNow that Arya can eat lots of different foods we have more option when planning her 10-month old baby diet.

As babies get older they require a diet more varied than just breast milk or formula.

But since our baby still only has a few teeth, we have to make sure that she is able to handle new foods without being in danger of choking.

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First Day of Daycare

First Day of Daycare - With MommyAs part of our trip to Okemo Mountain with baby we decided to put Arya into daycare for one day while Mommy and I skied together.

Packing for baby’s first day of daycare ended up being far more stressful than the entire day of daycare itself.

Arya and her parents all survived her first time in daycare without incident.

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Okemo Mountain With a Baby

Okemo Mountain With a BabyThanks to some unexpected extra space, we secured a last minute invitation to go skiing at Okemo Mountain and Ski Resort in Ludlow, Vermont.

Taking baby on a ski trip was far more difficult than going by ourselves ever was.

Nevertheless, going to Okemo Mountain with a baby was still a fun way to spend a long weekend.

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How Much Sleep Does My Baby Need at Nine Months?

How Much Sleep Does My Baby Need at Nine MonthsEven though we rededicated ourselves to sleep training Arya more than a month ago, she still has erratic sleep patterns nearly every day.

We’ve been trying to have Arya take three naps during the day. Since this means she struggles falling asleep four times each day, it raises the question: how much sleep does my baby need?

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Drinking Milk in a Stroller

Drinking Milk in a StrollerEver since baby started holding her own bottle, she has loved having a bottle of milk with her in the stroller.

Like most babies, Arya enjoys going for a walk in the stroller. But she likes it even more when she is tucked into her stroller with access to a full bottle of milk.

Drinking milk in her stroller isn’t ideal and it might become problematic in the future.

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