Baby Likes to Lie on My Arm

Baby Likes to Lie on My Arm - Looking at CameraMy baby likes to lie on my arm. We cuddle on the sofa to read her favorite book or let her stare at the ceiling.

While I rest my head on a comfortable pillow, my daughter complains if her head is directly on the pillow. Arya doesn’t like it even if her head is next to mine and my arm is around her.

She prefers to place her head directly on my arm.

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My Baby Can’t Fall Asleep

My Baby Can't Fall AsleepMy nine-week old daughter has developed a distressing habit. My baby can’t fall asleep.

My daughter, Arya, has started her own sleeping schedule in the past few weeks since Mommy has gone back to the clinic. We think that my wife’s schedule has forced our baby to develop a schedule of her own. Unfortunately part of my baby’s new schedule involves not being able to fall asleep.

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Scolding Random Kids

Scolding Random KidsBefore asking strangers to take pictures of us in the park my wife and I saw a little boy running towards us with a big stick. The boy looked like he was four years-old, but he had no parents or guardians in sight.

I usually get alarmed when uncoordinated kids start running toward me and my baby with a big stick. I moved Arya away from the edge of the water where we were taking pictures overlooking the lake.

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Bathing a Newborn

Bathing a NewbornToday we gave our six-day old baby a bath. Bathing a newborn was the most stressful experience I have had since my daughter was born.

We were paranoid about our newborn drowning in water. We were terrified that water would get into her cord stump. We were scared that the water would be too hot or too cold.

My wife and I both wanted to use a small washcloth for use in bathing our newborn rather than dipping her in water.

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