Picture Ideas For Your Newborn Baby

The first few months of a newborn’s life are a hectic time that rushes past in the blink of an eye. Most parents take innumerable candid photos of their new infant, but it is also nice to take the time for a few special portraits. While it is easy to come up with picture ideas for your newborn baby, not all of them will be practical. Babies can be notoriously difficult to photograph in posed shots, but with a little bit of creativity and a lot of patience, you can easily achieve a memorable result.


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Baby Picture at Massachusetts State House

Baby Picture at Massachusetts State HouseOver the weekend Arya took a cute baby picture at the Massachusetts State House.

Since she was already dressed up for a baby picture with Santa, we decided to take more holiday pictures around Boston.

Taking a photo in front of the Massachusetts State House was an afterthought as we walked through the Boston Public Garden.

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Baby Picture With Santa

Baby Picture With SantaArya took another baby picture with Santa this week.

Since baby’s first picture with Santa wasn’t too scary for her, we decided to take advantage of a cute Christmas display with Santa Claus at the Downtown Crossing Holiday Market.

Although Downtown Crossing itself was quite crowded, the holiday area and tented market were only sparsely populated with a few dozen visitors.

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Holiday Decorations at Boston Common

Holiday Decorations at Boston CommonAfter walking around a shopping mall to find a location for a family Christmas photo, we eventually found our way near Boston Common still looking for the ideal spot.

Both the Common and the Boston Public Garden are filled with holiday decorations throughout the month of December.

The main entrance gate on the west side of the Public Garden is topped with a festive holiday wreath.

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Fogged Camera Lens From Temperature Change

Fogged Camera Lens From Temperature ChangeWe experienced another unexpected downsides of living in a cold weather climate after our taking our first family Christmas pictures yesterday.

Shortly after returning home we discovered a severely fogged camera lens from the temperature change between 20 degrees outdoors and 70 degrees inside our apartment.

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Location For Family Christmas Photo – Shopping Mall

Location For Family Christmas PhotoWe spent an entire weekend day looking for a good location for a family Christmas photo.

Since this will be Arya’s first Christmas, we wanted to take a cute picture for use in a family Christmas card.

With the temperature in the high 20s we tried to find a good location that was both close to home and indoors.

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Baby’s First Picture With Santa

Baby's First Picture With SantaDuring our Thanksgiving road trip with baby, Arya had her first baby picture with Santa.

Driving long distances with a baby is tough, so we purposefully planned to make lots of short stops along the route. One of our stops was in the small village of Cooperstown, New York.

Cooperstown, which is best known as the site of the National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum, lies a few minutes south of US Route 20 near Otsego Lake and makes for a good place to stop on a drive across the state.

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Improving Baby’s Halloween Photo

Improving Baby's Halloween PhotoWith two cute Halloween costumes for Arya, we used her Baby Lion costume for taking baby to Halloween in Salem, Massachusetts.

We dressed our daughter in her Snow White baby costume for pictures earlier in the day.

Mommy had an idea for a great, artistic shot under a tree in the Boston Public Garden.

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Boston Photowalk With Baby

Boston Photowalk With Baby - PaparazziOver Memorial Day weekend Arya tagged along on a photowalk through the streets of Boston. The photowalk was an informal gathering led by a fantastic photographer.

My wife and I wanted to go on the Boston photowalk with our baby to expose Arya to different parts of the city and try to learn from real photographers.

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