Asking Strangers to Take Pictures

Asking Strangers to Take PicturesToday was a perfect day for a family outing to the park. With temperature in the low 70s, light wind, and no chance of rain, Mommy and I spent a few hours with Arya in the Boston Public Garden.

Arya really enjoyed being outside of her stroller in the park. She looked around at all the bright colors and she especially loved staring at the big trees that dominate the landscape near the lake.

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Our Family Picture Battle – Month One

My wife and I have an ongoing battle over who can take the best pictures of our baby. Whenever friends or family members compliment a particularly cute picture of our daughter Arya, both of us immediately look to see which picture they are praising.

Whereas some parents might simply look at the picture to share in the moment, we are equally likely to be looking to see which one of us took the picture.

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