How to Choose Nursery Room Furniture

If you are getting ready for your first baby it very exciting to be able to pick out your nursery room furniture. It can be a scary task for those who are new to parenthood. Sometimes when trying to decide what type of furniture to pick you can get overwhelmed by all of the choices. It can be like playing a game you have never heard of in a language you don’t speak. The most important thing to consider is whether or not you like what you are picking and the goals for your nursery room.


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How to Choose Safe Utensils For Your Baby

As much as we hate or love the idea, your baby is going to progress from breast or bottle feeding rather rapidly and will begin to require feeding with utensils. Before you know it, your little one is going to try to feed his or herself. Before the time comes, you should consider how to choose safe utensils for your baby. This should be a relatively easy decision for you to make. What you definitely do not want to do however, is feed them with the silver or stainless steel spoon someone is bound to give you as a shower gift. There is too much potential for injury to the baby’s delicate oral mucosa.


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How to Setup a Baby Nursery

You may have just found out you are expecting your first baby. You may think you have plenty of time to figure out how to set up a baby nursery, but think again. Time gets away from you quickly and there can be appreciable expense so start planning now. This will ensure you can have what you want without being overwhelmed at the last minute.


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How to Choose a Play Gym For a Baby

Play gyms for your newborn are great products to buy to keep your child entertained in those first few months. But how should parents approach the factors to consider buying one for the home? There are a lot of factors that you need to take in before settling on the play gym of your choice, so keeping a checklist of these can greatly help. Here are some important tips on how to choose a play gym for your baby.


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How to Choose a Baby Bouncer

Buying a baby bouncer is a great way to keep your baby active and occupied. If you are busy preparing dinner or folding laundry, you can put your baby in a bouncer so you can use both of your hands and keep your child a safe distance from where you are working. Bouncers are also great for soothing a cranky baby because the bouncing or rocking motion will help calm many babies.


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Yellow Dress For Baby

Yellow Dress For BabyThanks to generous friends and family who like to shop for baby clothes, Arya has a variety of different outfits.

This week was the first time we picked out a yellow dress for baby. Since most of her baby clothes are pink or red, the dress is one of her only yellow outfits.

I was surprised to discover that we already had matching yellow socks and a matching yellow headband. Since socks and headbands are sold in variety packs Arya already has both in every basic color.

Her yellow dress was nice on its own, but I thought she looked particularly cute with a full, matching, yellow outfit.

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Cute Baby Headband With Flowers

Cute Baby Headband With FlowersMommy loves dressing Arya up with cute baby headbands.

I like using more functional headwear like warm hats or jackets with hoods. But even I have to admit that our little girl looks especially cute when she wears one of her baby headbands with a big flower.

The flower is so big that it’s half the size of her head and makes her instantly visible from several blocks away.

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Pushing Baby Stroller Through Snow

Pushing Baby Stroller Through SnowYesterday brought the first real snow this winter.

Temperatures adjusted for wind chill dropped into the single digits and snow covered the ground throughout the city.

We still wanted to take Arya for our normal walk so we were left with pushing our baby stroller through snow for three miles.

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