How To Choose a Stuffed Animal For a Baby

Figuring out how to choose a stuffed animal for a baby might seem to be a relatively simple task. Find something cute, cuddly, and soft that would be attractive to a child and your work is done. However, in addition to appearance, there are some important factors that need to be considered.


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How to Find a Baby Modeling Agency

Your child is cute, adorable, loveable and so photogenic. Everyone tells you so. You want to take that precious little ham bone of yours and plaster the world with his or her pictures. If social medias like Facebook aren’t enough and you feel you child has extraordinary talent, you may decide you want your child to try “baby modeling”. Read on for the most current information on how to find a baby modeling agency.


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How to Make a Child ID Kit For Your Baby

There are so many things that can happen to children as they grow through the years. It can be a scary process raising children in a world that has all of these potential dangers. One thing that a parent can do to make sure that their child is easily found if anything were to happen to them would be to create a child identification kit. A child identification kit serves to help authorities should your child go missing.


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How to Setup a Baby Nursery

You may have just found out you are expecting your first baby. You may think you have plenty of time to figure out how to set up a baby nursery, but think again. Time gets away from you quickly and there can be appreciable expense so start planning now. This will ensure you can have what you want without being overwhelmed at the last minute.


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How to Soothe a Teething Baby

A teething baby can be a cranky baby. Every parent of a teething child understands the pain that comes with the constant discomfort of cutting teeth. It can be as hard on the caregiver as it is on the child who is actually going through the teething process. Those who have been around the block once or twice understand that there are a few things that you can do to ease the pain of your child.


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What to Pack in a Hospital Bag Before Giving Birth

Preparations for the birth of baby can be exciting, but time consuming. There is so much to do, from setting up a nursery, to choosing clothes, strollers, and all sorts of assorted paraphernalia. As the big day approaches, many expectant mothers are faced with the vexed question of what to pack in a hospital bag before giving birth. The onset of labor can be a dramatic moment, resulting in a mad dash to the hospital. A pre packed bag is crucial to getting out of the door quickly, and is a vital resource to any new mother.


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10-month Old Baby Diet

10-month Old Baby DietNow that Arya can eat lots of different foods we have more option when planning her 10-month old baby diet.

As babies get older they require a diet more varied than just breast milk or formula.

But since our baby still only has a few teeth, we have to make sure that she is able to handle new foods without being in danger of choking.

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Wind Chill Chart

Windchill ChartWith the weather dropping to single digits this week I was worried about whether it would be safe to take Arya outdoors.

Even with her bundled up in multiple layers the temperature was cold enough to make me worry.

After looking up the official National Weather Service Wind Chill Chart I was relieved at how cold it would have to get before going outside with baby would be dangerous.

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