When Do Babies Cruise?

When Do Babies CruiseIt has been less than a month since I was wondering when my baby would stand unassisted and only a few weeks since Mommy and I saw baby standing by herself for the first time.

Arya’s new favorite activity is to walk around the entire house using furniture to support herself. This type of supported walking, called cruising, is a normal part of baby development.

Her developmental timeline lead me to wonder: when do babies cruise?

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What Foods Can Babies Eat at 9 Months

What Foods Can Babies Eat at 9 MonthsIn the past month Arya has become more interested in eating the same food as her parents.

She used to be content with eating her own baby food or formula while we ate our meal. Now she wants to eat whatever we are eating.

That leaves me concerned about the answer to: what foods can babies eat at 9 months?

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When Will My Baby Stand Unassisted

When Will My Baby Stand UnassistedArya has been standing against objects for nearly a month and cruising for several weeks.

In recent days she has gotten so good at balancing that I have been wondering: when will my baby stand unassisted?

She barely uses support and seems to rely on objects as an unnecessary crutch.

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When Do Babies Clap

When Do Babies ClapAfter watching baby clapping while kneeling earlier this week, I realized that Arya had been clapping for a while without mommy or me realizing her new development.

So I decided to understand the answer to: when do babies clap?

Clapping requires coordination and gross motor skills that time to develop in young babies.

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Definition of Cruising For Babies

Definition of Baby CruisingThe term “cruise” or “cruising” has a specific meaning to parents of young babies.

The normal definition involves sailing as a leisure activity or taking a ship on a predetermined course as part of a vacation.

For babies, cruising means something else entirely.

When applied to little children, cruising means to walk while holding onto objects for support.

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How Much Sleep Does My Baby Need at Nine Months?

How Much Sleep Does My Baby Need at Nine MonthsEven though we rededicated ourselves to sleep training Arya more than a month ago, she still has erratic sleep patterns nearly every day.

We’ve been trying to have Arya take three naps during the day. Since this means she struggles falling asleep four times each day, it raises the question: how much sleep does my baby need?

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When Do Babies Get Teeth?

When Do Babies Get TeethWhen do babies get teeth?

Arya is 7.5-months old and she still doesn’t have any teeth.

She does have the tiny tip of one tooth showing whenever she smiles, laughs, or cries. But some of our friends’ babies have both of their bottom teeth already whereas Arya has yet to have any teeth fully erupt.

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Baby Likes to Eat Her Hand

Baby Likes to Eat Her HandMy baby likes to eat her hand.

She tries to stick her entire hand in her mouth and chomps down on her own hand with her gums. Thankfully she has no teeth yet, but it still looks like she is happily munching on her hand.

Arya started eating her hand a few weeks ago, but in the past few days she has been eating her hand constantly.

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When Do Babies Recognize Their Parents

When Do Babies Recognize Their ParentsOver the past week Arya reacted differently to strangers than to her parents.

From the time she was born our daughter loved to be carried by everyone. She didn’t care who was carrying her as long as they were holding her securely. That changed last week.

On two occasions during the week Arya became grumpy when another person carried her and only settled down after Mommy or Daddy took her back. That lead me to question: when do babies recognize their parents?

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