How We Chose a Baby Name

With our due date approaching and her baby shower coming soon, my wife and I finally settled on a name for our baby girl. Despite receiving voluminous feedback from well-meaning friends and feedback, how we chose a baby name was quite simple.

When discussing possible names for our baby, I only had one consistent preference. I want a baby name that is unique. More specifically, I don’t want my daughter to have a name that appears on the list of most popular baby names.

My wife has more individualized preferences. She likes names that have certain sounds, or names which convey particular emotions.

We sorted through advice from dozens of sources on how to choose a name for our baby.

We made, edited, and vetoed ideas. We asked friends and family for suggestions. We sorted through lists of less popular names.

Eventually, we settled on a name that had never appeared on any of our initial lists.

My wife’s current favorite book is a science fiction series written by a bestselling author. The book series was so popular that HBO turned it into a multi-season mini-series.

I bought the first season of the HBO series for my wife. That started a conversation about the book and TV show. One one of my wife’s comments stood out.

She said she really liked how the producers of the HBO series cast the ideal girl to play her favorite character. The character has lots of positive attributes my wife likes to see in female characters and she looks even better when contrasted with her sister.

My wife’s favorite character from her favorite book also happens to have a unique, but not outlandish name: Arya.

Although we still discussed some alternatives, it wasn’t long before we both settled on the name Arya for our daughter.