Clare Beaton’s Bedtime Rhymes by Clare Beaton – Book Review

Clare Beaton's Bedtime Thymes by Clare BeatonSince establishing a bedtime routine is supposed to help babies go to bed, I am always on the lookout for bedtime books that my daughter might tolerate enough to read every night.

Clare Beaton’s Bedtime Rhymes by Clare Beaton was entertaining for Arya, but the assorted collection of one page stories wouldn’t work for a nightly bedtime ritual.

Bedtime Rhymes consists of seven different short nursery rhymes. Supposedly the rhymes have a common theme of being appropriate for bedtime. I had never heard of any of the stories before reading the book to my daughter.

I did like one rhyme, called “Five Little Owls”, but the rest were nonsensical. The different stories were unique and at least two of the characters–Nanny Button-Cap and Wee Willie Winkie–were unique enough to be memorable.

Since Arya isn’t old enough to understand the words, she didn’t care whether the nursery rhymes make any sense. But she did like the colorful illustrations throughout the book. The big owl in the front cover caught her eye when I decided to borrow the book and she liked the contrasting images of the fairy in front of the moon and baby in a wicker crib.

The pictures are all colorful with different backgrounds and unique designs. The stitched-flowers of the “Brahm’s Lullaby” page and the button eyes of the animals on the “Five Little Owls” page were my favorites.

Children who are old enough to read on their own will likely tire of Bedtime Rhymes too quickly to make it a sleep-time routine. But younger children will enjoy the cute illustrations and appreciate the fast pace of the short book.

Bedtime Rhymes costs under $7 new and under $4 used from Amazon.