Cleo and Caspar by Caroline Mockford – Book Review

Cleo and Caspar by Caroline MockfordArya liked the two previous Cleo books we read to her. She liked the most recent book, Cleo and Caspar by Caroline Mockford as well.

The cover of the book shows Cleo, the cat, peering over a chair to look at Caspar, the dog.

The rest of the book introduces young readers to the interaction between Cleo and Caspar.

Every one of the 24 interior pages contains a huge picture illustrated in multiple colors. Like all of Mockford’s books about Cleo, the orange cat occupies most of the pages.

Unlike some other Cleo books, Cleo and Caspar uses both text and pictures to tell a full story. Cleo wakes up in the morning to discover that her family has brought home Caspar, a dog.

After a few pages of bickering, Cleo and Caspar finally get along and decide to play together. Older children will immediately understand the concept of a cat and dog initially fighting and then deciding to become friends. Arya just liked looking at the big color pictures of Cleo and Caspar.

As with other Cleo books, the illustrations are designed to attract babies. My baby kept trying to touch Cleo. She particularly enjoyed the pages where Cleo’s little, squinty eyes were visible on her orange head.

Cleo and Caspar is quick and easy to read to little babies. Like other Cleo books, Caroline Mockford receives the cover credit though she is the illustrator rather than the author.

Neither Mockford nor the author, Stella Blackstone, have personal websites despite being responsible for dozens of children’s books. The pair has collaborated on many other Cleo books as well.

Cleo and Caspar costs (including shipping) $6.99 new and $3.99 used from Amazon.