Cleo’s Color Book by Caroline Mockford – Baby Book Review

Cleo's Color Book by Caroline Mockford - Baby Book ReviewMy daughter Arya loves bright colors. She especially loves bright colors presented against a contrasting background.

So any book with a bright color scheme should be an instant hit with our baby. Cleo’s Color Book by Caroline Mockford should be one of Arya’s favorite books.

The front cover of Cleo’s Color Book hints at the varied color palette waiting inside. The book highlights ten individual colors: red, yellow, purple, pink, orange, black, green, blue, brown, and white.

Each color is attached to a specific object which becomes the focal point of the story. Cleo, an orange cat, interacts with one colored object in each page.

Since color is the focus of the book, there are a dozen different colors used in each illustration. I suspect the volume of colors within each page is the reason Arya doesn’t like Cleo’s Color Book that much.

Arya’s current favorite book utilizes a high contrast, black-and-white design with one image dominating each page. By comparison, in Cleo’s Color Book, the multitude of colors make it difficult for her to focus on any specific item.

For instance, on the page about green apples, the green apples themselves occupy less than 5 percent of the surface of both pages. The red stoop, brown ground, pink walls, blue door, grey floor, light brown table, and multi-colored clothing on the boy make up most of the page.

Cleo’s Color Book is likely suited for a narrow age range. Babies are too young for the small individual objects within the illustrations and children will quickly get bored of a text with no overarching story. The ideal reader for Cleo’s Color Book would be toddlers old enough to identify and say the names of each color, but not old enough to read the book themselves.

Once my baby gets old enough to talk about the variety of colors she would likely enjoy the book. Until then we will stick with simpler books better targeted at newborn readers.

Since Cleo’s Color Book does appear on some “good books” lists and I think Arya will like it as she gets older, I ordered a used copy to read to her in the future.

Cleo’s Color Book costs $6.99 new and under $4 used from Amazon.