Come Here Cleo by Caroline Mockford – Book Review

Come Here Cleo by Caroline MockfordAfter Arya liked the last Cleo book we read to her I knew she would want to look through another baby book about the cute orange cat.

The front cover of Come Here, Cleo! by Caroline Mockford has a large picture of Cleo sitting on a tree. Cleo’s orange stripes and orange body contrast with the brown tree and green background.

Whenever my baby likes the front cover of a book she always likes the rest of the book as well.

Come Here, Cleo! tells the story of Cleo’s little cat adventures throughout the day. The plot is simplistic with only a few words on each page, but even adult readers will smile by the end of the book.

Like other books about Cleo, the focus is on the colorful illustrations. With huge images taking up entire pages, Mockford makes it easy to hold the attention of even young babies.

On each new page, Arya, who is 14-weeks old this week, first looked at Cleo and then looked at the rest of the pictures. Since the bright orange cat is a familiar sight and impossible to miss, Cleo becomes a natural focal point throughout the book.

My daughter especially enjoyed the page with Cleo meeting a blue bird. I can’t tell if she can recognize the animals or their faces, but she stared longer at that page than at any other. The high contrast color scheme of orange and blue against the green background makes it easy for her to identify the cat and bird.

Caroline Mockford, the illustrator of the Cleo series, has written or illustrated a dozen children’s books. She does not have a website and a single webpage about her career on her publisher’s website is now offline. Although she is not credited on the cover, the author of Come Here, Cleo! is Stella Blackstone. Blackstone does not have a website either.

Come Here, Cleo! costs (including shipping) $6.99 new and $3.99 used from Amazon.