Comfortable Baby Gown

Comfortable Baby Gown - DancingNow that Arya is getting bigger we’ve had to pack away her small newborn clothes and start using bigger size baby clothes.

One of her new outfits is a cute one-piece that looks like a bag.

I’ve learned that these baby bags have a better name; they are called baby gowns. While I hate the poorly designed baby gowns that make my daughter cry, I would highly recommend comfortable baby gowns to any parent.

The trick is to find a baby gown with one of two features.

The more common feature is for the gown to be loosely-fitted on the bottom with no heavy fabric to prevent the baby clothing from riding up and rubbing against baby’s sensitive tummy.

The better feature is for the gown to have front buttons on the bottom to hold it securely in place on top of baby’s diaper.

Comfortable baby gowns are widely available. They are as cheap as $4 each (including shipping) when buying a generic blue 3-pack for boys. They can also be as expensive as $80 each when buying a fashionable organic gown for girls with insulating, breathable merino wool.

Arya likes baby gowns because they provide room for her to stretch her legs. By comparison, onesies cause a constant bunching around the inner thigh that can leave annoying, though harmless, red marks.

Unfortunately most baby gowns are also hard to use when going outside during the hottest summer months. Unless your baby wants to show off her diaper to the world, she needs pants when wearing most baby gowns outdoors. Pants are too hot for babies when outside during summer.

Comfortable Baby Gown - Buttons Close-upThe best baby gowns are comfortable enough to wear to bed, yet secure enough to be used throughout the day. I prefer baby gowns secured by buttons at the bottom, but I’ve also grown to appreciate well-made baby gowns with light fabric and a loose bottom fit.

Now I only have two considerations when looking at baby gowns. First, I check for the potential to ride up and bunch around my baby’s belly (bad!). Second, I inspect the bottom to look for light material (good!) or fasteners (better!).

We only have a few of the best, most comfortable baby gowns so Arya will be wearing these a lot over the next few months.

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  1. thatat

    Of all our friends who have become parents, you are the last on the list to create a blog about it. i hope you’re enjoying all the mini clothes you get to buy now. you probably have had the most research into it since you have been admiring the various styles since ninth grade.

    miss you guys and i hope we can visit you before arya’s first bday.

    ps: reading game of thrones, on book two…i assume more becomes of arya than what is present. :)

    1. Nolan Kido

      Thanks! I think. My favorite scene of Arya (the character) is when she uses Needle to defend herself from the boy in book one.

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