Curious George Goes Fishing by H.A. Rey – Book Review

Curious George Goes Fishing by H.A. ReyAfter a recent trip to the library we borrowed another Curious George book to read to Arya.

Curious George Goes Fishing by H.A. Rey is another one of the large selection of books about the cute monkey held by the main branch of the Boston Public Library.

Since the children’s reading room — the Margaret and H.A. Rey Children’s Room — is named after the couple who created the monkey, it makes sense that the library would keep a large selection of books about Curious George.

Curious George Goes Fishing is a fun book filled with both adorable illustrations and lengthy text. My wife enjoyed reading it to our baby.

When reading children’s books to babies, it is actually easier to read books with lots of words than it is to read books with no words. If a book has few words, adults have to make up the story to hold children’s attention. Books with an actual story allow readers to simply read the text.

After a series of books where Mommy and Daddy had to think of what to say on each page, Curious George Goes Fishing was a needed break.

In the book George spots a man holding a long stick with a long string walking to the lake. George follows the man to the water and watches him fish. Then George tries, in his own special way, to go fishing as well.

Rey’s drawings are colorful enough to hold the attention of young babies while the amusing story is interesting even to adults.

Arya really liked the page with all the fish swimming towards George’s homemade lure. I like the fact that the text uses varied sentence structure despite relying on simply words.

Margaret and H.A. Rey are jointly credited with the entire Curious George series. Our local library has lots of different Curious George books likely because, in the words of the Boston Public Library:

“In her later years, Margret Rey became a great supporter and friend of the Boston Public Library, generously donating funds for children’s needs throughout the library system. Her support allows for substantial improvements in youth programming and children’s area furnishings throughout the 25 inner city neighborhood branch libraries.”

Although they have both passed away, the Houghton Mifflin Company controls the rights to the franchise and released Curious George Goes Fishing in 2001.

Curious George Goes Fishing costs (including shipping) $5.95 new and $3.44 used from Amazon.