Cute Baby Christmas Outfit

Cute Baby Christmas OutfitWe like dressing Arya in her cute baby Christmas outfit.

She actually has a few different Christmas outfits courtesy of friends and relatives.

But we like the alternating outfit of red and green when she is wearing her Santa hat.

Arya has worn a variation of the red hat/green top/red pants outfit for her baby picture with Santa and baby picture at the Massachusetts State House. We also used a different outfit for our family’s first Christmas card. Since it was unplanned, we didn’t have her in a Christmas outfit for baby’s first picture with Santa.

While we like Arya’s alternating color outfit the best, we’ve also seen many other cute baby Christmas outfits that we have debated purchasing. A Santa-themed jacket, reindeer onesie, or candy cane-striped design would also have been cute.

Other options were a full newborn Santa Christmas outfit or Santa’s Helper pajamas.

The main advantage of the outfit we like to use is that is is comprised of three separate pieces. She gets the top dirty almost every time she wear it so we are able to switch between different green dresses, shirts, and onesies. Arya has two red pants as well although she is much better about keeping her pants clean. We only have one baby Santa hat, but it’s rare that she ever gets her hats dirty.

Both mommy and I are a little sad that Arya won’t be able to fit any of the newborn baby Christmas outfits come this time next year. But thankfully there will be cute infant Christmas outfits for her to wear in the future.