Cute Baby Headband With Flowers

Cute Baby Headband With FlowersMommy loves dressing Arya up with cute baby headbands.

I like using more functional headwear like warm hats or jackets with hoods. But even I have to admit that our little girl looks especially cute when she wears one of her baby headbands with a big flower.

The flower is so big that it’s half the size of her head and makes her instantly visible from several blocks away.

Baby headbands with flowers are a very popular accessory. Most are sold in variety packs with different colored headbands and different colored flowers.

My wife likes dressing Arya up in the headbands with especially large flowers. I think the humungous flowers look a little silly on a young baby. As Arya grows bigger I mind the enormous flower headbands less although lots of people still mention how they noticed her from across the street or down the hall.

Our baby doesn’t have to worry about inconspicuous, so having a large, colorful flower sticking up from her headband isn’t a problem. When she was younger she didn’t mind wearing hats or headbands. Recently she has started taking off her own hats whenever she gets hot.

She learned how to remove her headwear when we started playing peek-a-boo with clothes. After practice peek-a-boo for a few weeks Arya was proficient enough to remove large items from in front of her face. Now she can take off anything from her head and she has started to throw her hats in the air when she is hot and it takes too long for someone to take off her winter clothes.

Having her wear headbands means that she is unlikely to get irritated and rip them off when she gets too hot. Of course wearing headbands also means that less is more likely to be cold since she doesn’t have the warmth of a full winter hat.

Whenever I take baby out in the winter I now put on one of her cute baby headbands with flowers and then use a heavy jacket with a hood on top. The hood keeps her head warm, mommy and everyone else gets to see the little girl look cute with her headband, and I can quickly take off the hood once we get indoors.

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