Cutting Baby Fingernails

Cutting Baby Fingernails - Nail ClipperArya now has her own little nail clipper thanks to our friend who sent her a baby grooming kit. We’ve been using no-scratch baby mittens to stop Arya from scratching her face, but she doesn’t like wearing the mittens 24 hours a day. Mommy decided to try out the new grooming kit for cutting baby fingernails this afternoon.

We decided to cut Arya’s nails because they had gotten so long that one was poking out of the corner of her mitten. Thankfully we aren’t the only parents who let baby fingernails get so long that we feel like neanderthals.

Cutting baby fingernails was a lot harder than I expected. Arya got annoyed when we tried to hold her fingers as she was eating. So after waiting until she fell asleep, we tried to cut her nails as she was lying down. This didn’t work either since she wiggled her hands around and blocked us from getting a proper angle.

Finally, after trying a few different positions, Mommy picked baby up in a seated football hold with one arm free to use the nail clipper.This was the best method for cutting our daughter’s nails although it caused nail clippings to fly all over the couch. Our baby can sleep peacefully while the adult has two hands free to hold Arya’s finger and work the clipper.

The actual process of cutting baby fingernails was easy once mommy and baby got used the seated football hold. Since baby fingernails are much smaller than adult fingernails, my wife worked very carefully to avoid clipping our daughter’s finger. The procedure was much easier thanks to the specialized baby size nail clipper.

Since there are other parents who dislike cutting baby fingernails I don’t feel bad saying I thought the whole experience was tedious and frustrating. I’m on the hunt for better techniques because next time it will be Daddy’s turn to cut baby’s fingernails.

Cutting Baby Fingernails - Small Fingers

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