Delta Children’s Products Portable Mini Crib Review

Delta Children's Products Portable Mini Crib ReviewThere are many different types of cribs in the market including stationary cribs, mini cribs, convertible cribs and non convertible cribs. Choosing the right crib for your baby can mean the difference between endless crying and a baby sleeping through the night. The Delta Children’s Products Portable Mini Crib is the ideal choice for parents looking for a stable, movable crib that fits into a compact space.

The greatest advantage of this crib is that it does not weigh too much, has a clean design, has 4 casters installed on the legs for easy movement and can be folded and stored away under the bed or inside the closet when not being used. The crib comes in three colors namely Cherry, Natural or White finish which are non-toxic and do not contain phthalates which could harm your baby.

The Delta Children’s Products Portable Mini Crib is made from hardwood but though it looks quite sturdy it is actually not so if you regularly fold it and stow it away after every use. The front and the rear rails are stationary in this crib and there are only two positions to choose from when you are installing the board to support the mattress. Though the construction of this crib is certified by the JPMA it is not exactly designed for rough or long use.

The best situations in which this crib can be used are when you are living in a small condo or a small apartment and you want the crib to fit into whatever space you have. This crib can be used if you travel to your parents’ house or somewhere else where you need to set up the crib for a few days on a temporary basis. The maximum use you can have out of this crib is by assembling it and then leaving it as it is without ever folding it up or stowing it away.

The casters on the legs allow you to push the crib through normal doorways and halls from one room to another but the casters do not have any locks to keep the crib stationary. This may be a problem if you have other children who would try to push the crib with the baby around the house.

The hardwood construction makes the crib look better than the other low priced and low quality cribs made out of plastics and other materials. You can assemble this crib very easily and it can be used as a playpen or a bassinet. This crib is not for those who are looking for an expensive, long lasting or convertible crib. This crib may be used as a temporary one before you can buy a better one.

The Delta Children’s Products Portable Mini Crib is worth every dollar you pay for it and keeping all the characteristics of this crib in mind it is bound to give the maximum satisfaction if you ever decide to buy one for your baby.

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