Delta Children’s Products Walden Crib and Changer Review

Delta Children's Products Walden Crib and Changer ReviewParents who are looking for top-of-the-line nursery furniture with a compact size should look no further than the Delta Children’s Products Walden Crib and Changer. Combining multiple products into one, streamlined design, the Walden Crib and Changer is the perfect centerpiece for any baby’s room.

The most attractive feature of the Delta Children’s Products Walden Crib and Changer is the changing table which is attached to the crib. The changing table is supplied with a waterproof pad on which the baby can be laid while changing diapers or clothes and a safety strap which can be used to keep the baby from falling off the changing table. The changing table also has two large shelves for storing all the items necessary when you want to change the clothes or the diapers or for any other activity related to the baby.

The Delta Children’s Products Walden Crib and Changer is stationary and it can be converted into a bed for a toddler, a daybed for a napping child, or even a full-sized bed for a child more than two years old. Guard rails for the toddler’s bed is available separately with the manufacturer as well as the extra rails which are needed to convert the crib into a full sized bed. The crib is very sturdy and can carry a lot of weight. So even when you use the crib as a daybed for a child who is more than two years old, you do not have to worry that the daybed will break under the greater weight of the child.

The crib has only one color finish that of Spiced Cinnamon which is suitable for any kind of surroundings and helps the crib to blend into the environment created by other furniture in the room. The changing table is detachable and can be used separately for other purposes also but you may have a problem setting it up separately because actually the back of the changing table is fitted to the side assembly of the crib and may not stand upright in a stand-alone mode.

The instructions for assembling this crib from the different parts supplied when you order the crib are very precise and to the point. This makes the assembly of this crib quite easy even for those who are not at all mechanically inclined or those who do not want to handle heavy equipment. You can assemble the whole crib within a matter minutes if you follow the instructions meticulously. The gap between the slats is not too much which prevents the baby from sticking his foot or hand through the gaps and causing any problem.

The crib tends to take up a lot of space in the room where it is installed. Hence it is not at all suitable for small rooms or condos or apartments where movement is already restricted for the lack of space. Though the price is a bit on the higher side buying a Spice Cinnamon colored Walden Crib and Change” from Delta Children’s Products is worth every penny you pay for it.

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