Drinking Milk in a Stroller

Drinking Milk in a StrollerEver since baby started holding her own bottle, she has loved having a bottle of milk with her in the stroller.

Like most babies, Arya enjoys going for a walk in the stroller. But she likes it even more when she is tucked into her stroller with access to a full bottle of milk.

Drinking milk in her stroller isn’t ideal and it might become problematic in the future.

The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends limiting babies’ access to bottles. Giving a baby a bottle of milk only around meal times helps reduce baby bottle tooth decay.

Unfortunately, as with most general guidelines, there is no definition of a “meal time”.

Arya likes drinking milk out of five-ounce breastfeeding bottles since they are small enough for her to manipulate. But since her appetite has increased since she was a newborn, it now takes two bottles to satiate her during each meal. Combined with the fact she eats up to six times a day, it is hard to know when her meal begins and when it ends.

Since she can hold her own bottles, it is far more efficient to give her access to two full bottles of milk using the stroller as opposed to stopping our walk for a full feeding every time she gets hungry. The total duration of drinking time isn’t any different if she drinks milk in a stroller as long as she doesn’t fall asleep.

Of course, she is often so comfortable drinking milk in the stroller that she falls asleep with a bottle in her mouth. For now I don’t think it’s necessary to stop giving her milk in the stroller. But we do have to watch how often she has access to bottles in order to reinforce good habits for the future.

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