Feeding Baby in a Restaurant

Feeding Baby in a RestaurantWe stopped to eat at a sandwich shop in the middle of taking baby to the Arnold Arboretum in Jamaica Plain. My wife and I enjoyed our sandwiches and we also learned more about feeding baby in a restaurant.

Mommy planned to breastfeed baby throughout the afternoon. Breastfeeding in the park was no problem, but it was hard to find a way to breastfeed in the restaurant.

Since we were walking the entire day, my wife was wearing a comfortable button down shirt. The shirt was good for walking around the park, but not so good for discrete breastfeeding. The outfits she has that are good for breastfeeding are not so good for walking around during a hot day.

The restaurant design wasn’t great for breastfeeding either. The sandwich shop had a single aisle with tables on one side and the kitchen on the other. One end of the tables was next to the soda fountain and condiment counter while the other side was right in front of the bathroom. Sitting at the edge of the line of tables facing away from the other diners would have been the best option, but those tables were taken when we sat down.

Feeding in a restaurant is also tricky because our baby likes to stop and take breaks every few minutes while eating. Resting during her meals is not a problem at home. Outdoors however, every time our 10-week old baby pauses during a feeding she leave my wife’s nipples hanging out.

Anticipating breastfeeding difficulties, we brought along extra bottle and we were able to feed baby in a restaurant from the bottle. We also have a better idea of how to breastfeed baby in a restaurant in the future.