Fireman Small to the Rescue by Wong Herbert Yee – Book Review

Fireman Small to the Rescue by Wong Herbert YeeArya likes small board books with colorful pictures.

She enjoys holding the books herself and slapping at the pages with interesting images.

Fireman Small to the Rescue by Wong Herbert Yee was a good choice with brightly-colored pictures on every page.

Fireman Small to the Rescue has a cute front cover which shows a firefighter with an enormous nose rushing to connect a hose into a person-sized fire hydrant. The bright red fireman’s hat and red and yellow fire hydrant were enough to draw Arya’s attention at the library.

The 14 interior pages have a similar color scheme with lots of bright primary colors intended to appeal to babies and young children. With a red barn and red firetruck appearing throughout the book, even the smallest kids have a consistent focal element to look for on every page.

The plot tells the story of a day in the life of Fireman Small. A fire breaks out in the barn at Farmer Pig’s farm. Fireman Small rushes to the scene in his red fire engine and quickly douses the fire. After hearing adoring cheers from the animals, Fireman Small returns to the fire station and falls asleep in his bed.

Fireman Small to the Rescue will appeal to young children because of its bright colors. Even much older children who are interested in firefighters will enjoy re-reading the book. Rhmying, sing-song text and periodic all-capitalized words also make the book a good choice for beginning readers to practice by themselves.

Fireman Small to the Rescue is out of print. Used copies cost (including shipping) under $4 from Amazon.