Five Little Ducks by Annie Kubler – Book Review

Five Little Ducks by Annie KublerFive Little Ducks by Annie Kubler was an appealing choice for a baby book to ready to my daughter. Arya liked a previous book about ducks even if she didn’t like riding on baby ducklings.

The cover of Five Little Ducks shows five yellow ducklings swimming around their big, white, mommy duck. While the colors are muted and aren’t as vibrant as most popular baby books, my baby still got excited at the prospect of reading the book.

Five Little Ducks tells a full story about five little ducklings wandering away from home. Throughout each page, one duckling fails to return home.

The book is filled with pictures of the ducks’ environment, including many ominous animals. Given the tone and the imagery, the plot is clearly intended to make readers believe the missing ducklings have been killed or eaten.

For babies who enjoy the pictures and being read to, the plot is inconsequential. However, for toddlers who can fully understand the words and pictures, the book is threatening. Even though the book ends on a positive note, the plot leaves readers with unanswered questions.

Why did the ducklings go missing? Where do the ducklings go? Are the other animals trying to eat the baby ducklings? Why doesn’t the mother duck protect her children?

For young children, the pictures are consistently colorful and interesting. Five Little Ducks also includes a neat twist. Each page has a series of holes. Pictures from the page in back and page in front show clearly through the holes. Arya had fun poking at the holes and she kept trying to turn the pages back and forth to play with the pictures.

While young babies will really enjoy the pictures and the holes in the baby board book, older readers will be more scared than entertained.

Although Annie Kubler is credited on the publisher’s website and book sales outlets as the author, her name is not readily visible on the book. Rather, the publisher of the book, Child’s Play, receives prominent coverage on the cover. Since Kubler is a director at the publishing company, the company website is the main source for information about her other books:

Five Little Ducks costs (including shipping) $4.99 new and $3.99 used from Amazon.