Freight Train by Donald Crews – Book Review

Freight Train by Donald CrewsArya liked reading 10 Black Dots by Donald Crews so I figured she would also enjoy Freight Train by Donald Crews.

Not only did she enjoy Freight Train, but Arya loved it enough that we now consider it one of her favorite books.

She had fun slapping at the different train cars as well as staring at the different colors.

Freight Train uses only a few words on each page to tell a short story about a train. Starting from the back with a red caboose, Crews shows an entire train composed of eight different types of cars. In addition to teaching children the appropriate names for each car, the illustrations also show them in different colors.

In order, readers are introduced to a red caboose, orange tank car, yellow hopper car, green cattle car, blue gondola car, purple box car, black tender, and black steam engine. Since all of the cars look just as they do in real life, children will be able to learn about real freight trains along with different colors.

Despite being aimed at young children, Crews’ illustrations are quite realistic with intricate detail. Arya spend lots of time staring at the colorful cars, but I was surprised that she seemed just as interested in the black steam engine with detailed markings.

Older children who are interested in trains will love everything about Freight Train. But even kids who have no interest in trains will still like the colors and cute story. Even babies as young as Arya will love staring at the colors.

Freight Train costs (including shipping) under $8 new and under $4 used from Amazon.