Giving Baby a Bath

Giving Baby a BathMommy gave Arya a bath this weekend. Baby has a dry forehead and we have tried to limit her number of baths as we suspect bathing is contributing to our baby’s skin conditions.

Giving baby a bath can either be very stressful or quite relaxing depending on Arya’s temperament. Thankfully she enjoyed bath time on this occasion and was relaxed and playful in her baby bath tub.

We have tried different techniques for giving baby a bath. When Arya poops on herself or other people [see here and here] I like to place her directly in the sink with her head supported by towels and a blanket.

Having baby in the sink simplifies bath time by creating automatic drainage and consistent water supply. It also saves clean-up time since I only need to clean the sink. My sink method does make it more difficult to wash her head, face, and neck. It also looks strange. As I don’t like getting water on her face because I believe it contributes to her skin irritation, I don’t see much downside to my method other than odd looks from my wife.

My wife prefers the more traditional method of placing a baby bath tub in the adult bath tub. She fills a bucket with warm water and uses a water pitcher to transfer water from the bucket onto Arya. My wife’s method enables her to give baby a much better quality bath. Of course my wife’s method is more labor intensive and triples clean-up time.

For now we have fallen into a routine where I give Arya quick baths in the sink during the week while my wife gives her a thorough cleaning each weekend. Our system provides a good balance between keeping our baby clean while minimizing her skin issues and our time expended.

Our baby seems to enjoy bath time more as she gets older. While she initially screamed at the top of her lungs when feeling water on her skin, she now looks forward to sitting in the baby bath tub and smiling at the adult bathing her.

We have a collection of bath-time toys for Arya to play with when she gets a little older. For now she is content to look at us as we give her a bath.

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