Gossie by Olivier Dunrea – Book Review

Gossie by Olivier DunreaI enjoyed reading BooBoo to Arya, but I liked Gossie by Olivier Dunrea even more.

Gossie is a cute yellow gosling who is actually the main character in Dunrea’s series of children’s books called Gossie and Friends. This book is the first in the series of dozens of books based on the yellow gosling and his cute animal friends.

While Gossie is cute on her own, Dunrea created the entire book around Gossie and her favorite, red boots. The picture of a yellow duck waddling around in bright red boots is enough to make adult readers smile.

The story is also cute as Gossie takes her boots along with her on adventures in the outdoors. The end of the book–while in line with the requisite happy ending of children’s books–is clever and introduces a new character, Gertie.

Gertie appears in other Dunrea books in the series and I know Arya will love the whole series based on her reaction to the first two she has seen. Yellow Gossie and her bright red boots stand out clearly against the white background on every page.

My daughter liked the pictures throughout the story and reacted well to my (poor) attempt to mimic the emotion of the story with my voice. Arya wanted to touch Gossie whenever she saw a clear image of the red boots. I actually checked, but unfortunately Dunrea does not sell any Gossie stuffed animal or squeaking toy.

Since it’s part of a larger series, Gossie is appropriate for a wide age range. The youngest babies will enjoy the pictures just as much as my baby. Older children even through kindergarten will like reading the book as part of the serialization theme with Dunrea’s subtle introduction of new characters throughout each story.

Gossie costs (including shipping) $6.95 new and $3.99 used from Amazon.