Great-Aunt vs Grandaunt

Great-aunt vs Grandaunt
Great-Aunt vs Grandaunt: Hand-stitched Blanket

Great-aunt and grandaunt are synonymous.

Five different major online dictionaries, a portal, and a list of 25 smaller resources all agree: great-aunt and grandaunt mean the same thing.

My daughter has four broad groups of people whom are great-aunts to her:

1) Sisters of my mother or father
2) Wives of the brothers of my mother or father
3) Sisters of my wife’s mother or father
4) Wives of the brothers of my wife’s mother or father

From the perspective of my baby, a grandaunt is the sister or sister-in-law of her grandparent.

My daughter’s great-aunts have already showered her with love and home-made gifts. She particularly enjoys napping on her pink hand-stitched blanket and her parents admire the hand-painted watercolor portrait of her at two days old:

Greataunt vs Grandaunt - Watercolor
Great-aunt vs Grandaunt: Watercolor of two-day old baby

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