Halloween in Salem, Massachusetts With Baby

Halloween in Salem, Massachusetts With BabySince Arya received two cute Halloween outfits as a gift from our friend, we decided to use the Snow White Baby Costume to take pictures in the morning and change her into the warmer Baby Lion Costume for the afternoon.

With friends staying with us, we decided to take baby to Salem, Massachusetts for Halloween.

Thankfully temperatures were in the 50s so Arya was able to stay warm with a long sleeve onesie and pants under her costume.

The MBTA runs a special train to Salem every Halloween as part of their normal commuter rail service. Since Halloween fell on a Wednesday this year we made arrangements to leave early so that we would be able to return home before it was too far past Arya’s bedtime.

Salem is only 20 minutes away from Boston by train. The commuter rail leaves from North Station under TD Garden and stops a few blocks from the center of downtown Salem, Massachusetts.

Halloween in Salem, Massachusetts With Baby 2We arrived in Salem shortly before sunset and most of the Halloween activities were still undergoing final preparations. Thankfully there are dozens of restaurants directly in town and we killed time at a local pizza and sub shop.

Although we were worried that she might be cold, Arya was fine in her stroller despite the 50 degree weather. The lion costume plus long sleeves were sufficient to keep her warm during the beginning of the evening.

Most of the Halloween festivities in Salem start close to 7pm. By that time the temperature had dropped a few degrees and we had to cover Arya with a blanket (hiding her costume) to keep her warm. She wasn’t thrilled with the noise from the carnival, music acts, or growing crowd, so I had to carry her in our baby carrier for the rest of the night.

Salem fills with tens of thousands of revelers dressed in all variety of costumes during Halloween night. The event is geared mainly towards young groups, but there were lots of other families and older couples throughout town.

A small-scale carnival setup in the middle of town was the focal point for most people. Live performers played continuously throughout the night on three different music stages around the center of town.

Food booths lined the main streets selling standard carnival fare, but most guests seemed to prefer the packed bars and restaurants on many side streets. The entire town center was closed off to vehicular traffic so our night largely consisted of walking down crowded streets filled with thousands of different costumes.

With Arya and a tight schedule to make the early train back to Boston we didn’t stop at any of the tourist attractions. If we make it back to Salem when Arya is older she might like the Salem Witch Museum, Halloween Tours, or any of the half-dozen haunted houses and Halloween performances.

Halloween in Salem, Massachusetts With Baby 3As we made our way back to the train station I felt like we were going the wrong way through traffic. We planned to be home by 9, but as we were leaving thousands of people were just arriving. If we were heading to Salem without a baby or with older children we would have planned to stay until much later at night.

Despite having to call it an early night, taking baby to Salem, Massachusetts for Halloween was still a fun experience. Arya liked the first half of the adventure when it was warmer and there were less crowds on the street. She was still able to see lots of fun costumes and experience a street fair. Later in the evening she was disturbed by the packed streets and cold wind. Thanks to the baby carrier she was perfectly happy to fall asleep on daddy as I carried her throughout the rest of the night.

Unfortunately Arya was fast asleep by the time night fell and we were able to take Halloween-related pictures. We got lots of pictures of her sleeping in the carrier, but the only one of the three of us in costume was a test shot taken before we left home.

Our baby is too young to enjoy Halloween, but hopefully she’ll appreciate the cute costumes and family pictures once she gets older.

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