Happy Baby Taking a Bath

Happy Baby Taking a BathArya has come a long way since we had stress from bathing a newborn.

Once we got used to giving baby a bath she actually started to love taking a bath.

Now she looks forward to bath time and becomes a very happy baby taking a bath every time.

Arya loves her baby bath tub both for eating in her tub and for taking a bath. When her tub is filled with dirty food we can just leave it in the bath tub for cleaning.

Now it’s even more efficient to clean both Arya and the bath tub at the same time. With her small collection of baby bath toys as entertainment, Arya loves to splash and play in the tub.

We still don’t want to give her a bath too often to stop from drying out her skin. But since baby is so happy to take a bath we can give her a bath as often as we want without any problems. She has been bathing in a tub since she was a newborn so she is finally used to the process.

I expected Arya to hate having water on her head and face like when she was a newborn. But now she giggles when she gets wet and seems to actually enjoy having light water splash her in the head.

Even though she is used to water we still don’t want to leave her unattended due to the risk of drowning. As long as an adult is present bath time is more a fun time to play than a stressful chore.

With her gentle baby bath soap Arya doesn’t even mind being washed. She actually likes having water poured on her to rinse her off. The most difficult part comes after the bath is over.

Arya hates wiping her face. She complains about having a towel on her face even when droplets of water are dripping from her hair. Whenever we place a towel near her face she turns away and tries to move away from the towel. Strangely she doesn’t seem to mind having her hair or body wiped down.

We’re just glad that baby is happy to take a bath. Arya looks forward to bath time and that makes the entire experience much easier for all of us.

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