Higher Higher by Leslie Patricelli – Book Review

Higher Higher by Leslie PatricelliWhen we passed by the Esplanade last weekend I noticed a young baby about Arya’s age being pushed gently on a swing by her father.

Since I would like to take Arya to the same playground to try out the swing, the book Higher! Higher! by Leslie Patricelli seems like a great introduction for her.

The front cover of the book has a little girl swinging high above the ground with her daddy looking up at her from below. I don’t want my little girl swinging that high, but I do want to push her on a swing.

With a maximum of two words on each pair of pages, Higher! Higher! is ideal for babies and young toddlers. The majority of pages simply have the words “Higher! Higher!” while the last few pages have no text.

The premise of the book is that the little girl wants to go higher on the swing. In each successive page she passes through taller and taller objects until she reaches her apex in outer space next to a cute green alien.

I always worry about books that blur the line between fantasy and reality, but since this plot is so farfetched, it should be easy to convince young kids about the implied humor of riding a swing into outer space.

The pictures are sparse with a few, colorful objects per page. The little girl on the swing is a consistent image throughout the book while the backgrounds change as she rides higher on her swing.

Arya was fussy just before reading time, but as soon as she saw the colorful pictures of Higher! Higher! she calmed down and was engaged throughout the book. Based on her experience and given the lack of text, the book is best suited for children too young to read on their own.

Leslie Patricelli is an author/illustrator of children’s books who has written nearly 20 books published by Candlewick Press. On her website she lists all of her books as well as information about school visits and other projects.

Higher! Higher! costs (including shipping) $6.99 new and $3.99 used from Amazon.