Holiday Decorations at Boston Common

Holiday Decorations at Boston CommonAfter walking around a shopping mall to find a location for a family Christmas photo, we eventually found our way near Boston Common still looking for the ideal spot.

Both the Common and the Boston Public Garden are filled with holiday decorations throughout the month of December.

The main entrance gate on the west side of the Public Garden is topped with a festive holiday wreath.

We considered the wreath and gate as a setting for our family photo, but the high level of foot traffic made it hard to get a clear shot. In addition, the lone wreath wasn’t large enough to create an appropriate backdrop for our photo.

Several dozen tall bushes are placed along walkways in the interior of the garden. Many of these are strung with holiday lights. Although it is hard to distinguish between the bushes with lights during the day, at night the lit bushes create a bright path down the park walkways. Even in the sparsely populated parts of the park the bushes are too spread apart to make for a good background for our family Christmas photo.

Holiday Decorations at Boston Common - Christmas TreeBoston Common itself has no special holiday decorations other than the official Boston Common Christmas tree displayed near the visitor’s center. The tree has been annual gift from the Canadian province of Nova Scotia since the city of Boston provided help to the provincial capitol of Halifax in 1917.

The tree is decorated with multi-colored lights and designed with a fence protecting it from Common visitors. Although the fence blocks people from standing immediately next to the tree, we were still able to find a good location for our family photo.

Arya was excited by the bright lights and cold wind so it took more than a dozen photos to find one that was good enough to use. Luckily we used a tripod to take our family Christmas photo and we were able to get one picture where Arya was stationary and happy.

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