How Much Should a One-Month Old Baby Sleep?

How Much Should a One-Month Old Baby SleepNow that my baby is one-month old her sleep schedule has become more regular. For her first month as a newborn she went to sleep and woke up at random times.

As a one-month old, my baby girl is beginning to develop a structured sleep pattern. But even as she becomes more scheduled about when she sleeps, I am still worried about how little she sleeps. As sleep is critical for babies, I wanted to know the answer to: how much should a one-month old baby sleep?

Researchers have shown that the sleep patterns of all newborns are irregular. But as babies grow older they gradually decrease their total amount of sleep even as they establish a more regular sleep schedule.

Newborn babies sleep between 16 to 18 hours per day. As they grow older, most babies decrease their amount of sleep so the normal sleeping time shrinks. However, as babies develop at different rates the size of the interval increases even as the average sleeping time goes down.

One-month old babies should sleep between 14 to 18 hours per day. Some one-month old babies still sleep on a sporadic schedule for most of the day just like newborns. Others create a more regular schedule and decrease the total amount of sleep they need.

Even more important for parents is that between one-to-two months most babies begin to establish a traditional night-time sleeping pattern and end day-night confusion. While newborns usually sleep the same amount during the day and night, one-month olds start to sleep longer at night and become more active during the day.

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