How Much Sleep Does My Baby Need at Three Months?

How Much Sleep Does My Baby Need at Three MonthsHow much sleep does my baby need at three months?

Arya’s sleep pattern has still been as erratic as when she was a newborn even though she will be three months old soon. We have a hard time getting her to sleep at night and she doesn’t have a consistent schedule when taking naps during the day.

I am concerned more about the total amount of sleep that my three-month old baby needs, but I am also worried about her overall sleep routine.

Various parenting books and internet resources provide a range of times for the amount of sleep babies need at three months. Most fall within the range of 14-16 hours per day for three-month old babies.

14-16 hours matches the recommendation of the American Academy of Pediatrics although the organization notes that every baby has different needs at different ages. The AAP also recommends monitoring the number of naps and duration of nighttime sleep in addition to the total number of hours that your baby sleeps.

In our case Arya is generally able to take three naps during the day although the duration of each nap varies widely. We use the same routine to get her to fall asleep, but both the amount of time she takes to fall asleep and the amount of time she spends sleeping seems to fluctuate randomly depending on her mood.

As for nighttime sleeping, she is technically able to “sleep through the night” at three months. Of course the definition only requires her to sleep for a continuous five hours. She wakes up repeatedly during the early morning hours after sleeping for five-to-six hours straight on most nights.

Since she is still young and her tummy isn’t big enough to hold enough food to last her through the entire night she will always wake up hungry by 2AM in the morning. But since she does get at least 14 hours of total sleep each day (counting naps), I am confident that my baby is getting the sleep she needs at three-months old.

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