How to Calm a Crying Baby

Babies cry for many reasons and getting a baby to calm down can be quite difficult. There are many techniques involved in calming a crying baby. We will talk about a few of these techniques in a moment but first it is important to understand that babies can sense your tension. If you are tired, angry, frustrated or mad you are never going to be able to calm the crying child. If you need to take a break before attempting to calm your child you may. Place your baby in a safe place in their crib or a playpen and take five minutes to collect yourself and calm yourself down.

Need-Based Cries
Once you are calm it is important that you identify why your child is crying. If it is a need based cry it will be easier to soothe the child. Need based cries are those that can be filled with either environmental change (too hot, too cold), feeding, changing or cuddles. Work this order to eliminate potential crying reasons, offer a clean and fresh diaper, offer food, offer cuddles and make sure that the environment is comfortable. If they are sleepy put them to bed and let them sleep. If you have gone through all of these steps and your child is still crying it may be time for some additional work outside of the normal avenues.

Loud Noises
No I am not advocating you to yell at your child. I am saying that some of the times a distracting noise in the background will be an easy way to get your child to calm down. Running the vacuum or putting on some white noise could provide your child with enough of a distraction to get comfortable. A dishwasher or dryer can also provide the great noise distraction for a child.

Rhythmic Movement
Movement can be a great relief to an upset baby. This is especially true if the baby has colic or has other upsets like gas or GERD. Rhythmic movement can be anything from walking back and forth, bouncing lightly up and down, or swinging back and forth. Sometimes combining any of the two movement styles will be the most soothing to your child. Being calm and collected when you are helping your child calk down is going to be the most effect method to get them to calm down.

If you have tried everything you know and you still cannot calm your child it may be time to call in reinforcements. Sometimes a change of person will be calming to the infant. If you and your support are unable to calm the child and they are excessively crying for more than a day or two it may be time to consult your physician. Remember crying is the only way that your baby can communicate with you. If you are unable to soothe your child after a few days it may be an indicator of a larger problem. Schedule an appointment with your physician to double check.

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