How to Choose a Baby Bottle

Choosing a baby bottle can seem like an impossible decision. With all of the options available, you cannot help but wonder how to choose a baby bottle. As parents, you want your children to have the best. You want them to be safe, happy, and healthy. Not all bottles are created equal. Bottles and nipples come in all varieties, sizes, and shapes.

The best baby bottles tend to copy the contours and feel of natural breasts to mimic breast feeding. From the most simplistic to the most complicated designs, choosing a bottle comes down to what the mother and baby prefer to use. Unfortunately, this is mostly a trial and error process, but with time and patience, you will find what is right for mother and child.

You would thing that it is pretty simple. If you are wanting to bottle feed, you need formula or breast milk, a bottle, and a nipple. If only it were this easy, right? Some babies are picky, while other simply have less regurgitation, colic, and gas with certain systems. This is a matter of finding a system that appropriately vents air the most efficiently and effectively. A great factor in how to choose a baby bottle is how fast or slow the baby will eat.

Some bottles are even designed to keep the baby from sucking in a great deal of air while being fed. Manufactures usually suggest a few major points when considering a bottle. There are nipples available for slow, medium, and fast milk flow. Typically, slow flowing nipples are for a younger baby just beginning to feed from the bottle. There are some parents who are lucky enough to have babies that are not picky about the nipple they use, but there are equally as many particular children who prefer a specific type for their style of feeding.

If you are questioning your baby’s feeding style, start with a slow to medium flow nipple. If your baby is comfortable with this, then stick with it until it is time for an upgrade. As always it is always best to check the facts behind the product before you buy. Check those nipples which claim to prevent colic. Always try to find a system that reduces the amount of air the baby takes in. This will keep your baby from experiencing discomfort.

It may take your baby a few feedings to become accustomed to the new nipple and bottle. Changing nipples and bottle systems often is a good way to make this an expensive process. It is best to stick with a system once you have invested in it. Manufactures also point out that more complicated systems are just that. You are going to spend twice as much time taking them apart, cleaning them, then reassembling. The more parts, the longer this will take. You do not want to have to get a bachelor’s degree to assemble this thing, especially when you are doing late night and early morning feedings. Start small, and go from there. You will find what works best for you.

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