How to Choose a Baby Bouncer

Buying a baby bouncer is a great way to keep your baby active and occupied. If you are busy preparing dinner or folding laundry, you can put your baby in a bouncer so you can use both of your hands and keep your child a safe distance from where you are working. Bouncers are also great for soothing a cranky baby because the bouncing or rocking motion will help calm many babies.

Types of Baby Bouncers

When you are trying to decide on how to choose a baby bouncer, you will find that there are two main types of bouncers. There are:

  • Framed bouncers – These bouncers have flexible frames that use the weight and movement of the baby to rock or bounce it back and forth.
  • Battery operated bouncers – As expected, these bouncers use battery power to automatically rock the baby back and forth. These are good for babies who like consistent motion.

Considerations in Choosing a Baby Bouncer

To help you decide on which bouncer will be best for your baby, you will want to carefully examine the bouncers that are available for purchase and consider the features they have. To help you make a decision on how to choose a bouncer, look for the following:

  • Safety restraint – The baby should use a 3-point baby harness to keep the baby from slipping or falling out of the bouncer when it is in motion.
  • Sturdiness – A wide base on the bouncer will make it difficult to tip over when the bouncer is in use.
  • Comfort – Check the padding to make sure it is adequate enough for the baby to be comfortable as they sit in their bouncer.
  • Portability – You will want a bouncer that is light enough to move from room to room so you can take it where you will be so you can watch over your baby.
  • Various speeds – If you course a battery powered bouncer, you will want one with variable speeds so you can slow it down when the baby falls asleep or speed it up for when he or she is especially energetic.
  • Canopy – If you want to use the bouncer outside, you will want a canopy to keep the sun off of your baby.
  • Toy bar – This will add an interactive element to the bouncer and get your baby preoccupied when they are being rocked or bounced.
  • Sounds – The battery powered bouncers often come with lights, sounds and music that will play to soothe your baby or entertain them will they are in the bouncer.
  • Capacity – Check the weight capacity of the bouncer. Some of only made for infants, while others can be adjusted and used for toddlers as well.

Baby bouncers that use the baby’s own weight and movement can help your infant strengthen important muscles that will help them sit up easier and steadier when they are ready for that milestone and other important achievements as well.

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